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Sunday, 14 April 2013


Not surprisingly, there are quite a few words to describe rain in the UK. For a project I'm working on at the moment I used the BBC sound archives to find all the different words people use for rain, and from what part of the country they're from. I have to say, I have discovered some pretty interesting words! Ever heard of 'butterdown'? Or perhaps 'scatterdo'? 'It's coming down like stair rods' is one of my favourites - surprisingly popular, considering. It took me a while to realise what stair rods were!

This is my rain map:

These are all the words used in each county around the UK, there's around 137 individual uses. That lovely kind of rain, 'drizzle' comes in at the top with 54 mentions.

This morning I was outside on one of the nicest, sunniest days so far this year, making it rain and getting odd looks from the neighbours. Testing didn't quite go as planned but here are some photos of falling water.

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