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Friday, 15 March 2013


Today I took a day off (so I'm going to have to work extra hard tomorrow) to go to The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show in London. I had a bit of a faff getting there as I forgot to make lunch, lost my ticket and then missed my stop...a proper facepalm of a morning. However, on the upside I had to take a bus through central London which I love, there's always something to see and I miss being amongst it all - though I'm not that far away in Kingston!

Finally, after spotting a trail of grey-haired ladies, I did make it to the show, and it was great!

There was just so much stuff, it was like an amazing treasure trove full of lots of bits and pieces for crafty types to get their hands into. One of the things that struck me was all the gorgeous fabrics and their colourful patterns tempting whoever walked past.

There was one particular fabric that of course caught my eye, unfortunately too expensive though!

There was more wool than you could possibly want, with some of the bargain stalls providing avalanches of wool and desperate grabs for the best choice. 

I loved all the original, quirky ideas the exhibitors were showing off, there are some very fun designs out there which were very inspiring.

That last photo was from a stall selling 'Extreme Knitting'. Now, I do love knitting, but I wouldn't exactly say there was an extreme aspect to it. These needles however, are HUGE, so I guess that could be called extreme.

I wish I could have bought so much from the show today, but I resisted! I just got this gorgeous fabric to finish the bag I'm knitting, some wool to attempt socks (next project) and some more basic needles. Overall, a fab day!

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