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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Eight Weeks

Eight weeks. That's how long we have until portfolio hand in. Our tutors informed us of this today as well as other scary facts all pertaining to the end of our student days at Kingston. That's really not very long, especially considering how long my to-do list is! Better get cracking then.

First though, cakes! These are for the bake sale at uni tomorrow, all money goes to our degree show at the end of the year. I started off by drawing rabbit shapes in melted chocolate to decorate them, going for an Easter theme. Unfortunately my cake decorating skills are somewhat lacking, they looked more like deranged horror film rabbit's rather than happy Easter rabbit's, and with my limited supply of chocolate it wasn't looking good. I saved the rest from becoming discount cakes by going for a more basic two tone pattern. I'll try not to eat them all before the sale...

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