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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wind in the Water

I really enjoyed dabbling with the watercolours the other day, so I decided to paint the other two characters from Wind in the Willows: Ratty and Mr. Badger. I'm really pleased with these little sketches, I like how playful it is and I look forward to doing some more in depth paintings. I want to work on layering and including more detail, as these are pretty basic. I might however prefer them with less detail, it makes a change from my usual drawings! These are pretty quick to do, so I think it's definitely a good technique to get used to. 

I am using the Penguin brief as an excuse to do these, so I thought I should try going in the direction of actual ideas. Haven't got past the cliché's however...gotta get them out of my system first! Couldn't resist this, wind and watercolours. Thought the pink one was perhaps a bad move, looks more like the typography you'd find on a cheesy teen horror book. 

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