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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Knitting Continues

Last week I had just started on my latest knitted project, a cute phone cozy that incorporated a small cable in the pattern. This was only a small project, so didn't take me long to do and fits my phone a treat! I love the little french knot eyes that reveal the little owls in the pattern, although I think it took me all 8 goes to get it right...they're a bit difficult to see in the photo.

 After seeing my post last week, a friend of mine (Si├ón from The Art Student blog) decided to try it out too, adding a contrasting colour for the top. Doesn't it look great? 

And so, next project. My needles and wool are currently kept in the plastic Wilko's bag they were bought in, which sits on the floor next to my sofa. This simply wont do, and so I went on the hunt for a suitable pattern for a bag that would perform this job much better. It took me quite a while, I was surprised to find, to discover a pattern that not only was the right sort of size, but also with right kind of yarn and level of difficulty. I don't think I'll know if the one I've chosen will work until I've finished, but even so I like the pattern so I'm sure I would find some use for it! I'm at about half way through the first side at the moment, I think this is going to take me a while.

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