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Monday, 19 August 2013

New Flat

Well it's been a while. Moving into a new flat takes a lot of time...only have a few small bits to find places for now though. Here's the view of our little street. Yes that house opposite is being eaten by a green mass. 

For some reason, despite my dubious ability to look after them, I have a small collection of plants. They make the place look more homely, once I've trimmed off the dead leaves anyway. They're all in various stages of recovering from my neglect, having watered them too much as well as too little. It can be difficult to remember what needs watering when, especially when the collection ranges from 'water now and again' cacti  to the 'desperately in need of water every day' chilli plant. I need some sort of schedule!

A chilli plant...without any chilli's. At least it's alive. 

This little fellow seems to have lost his brains, you'd think he'd grow in a way where there wasn't a chance for him to topple over at any moment. 

In the meantime, I've been doing some sketching. I'll put a few up during the week. 


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