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Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Day at Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up, if you don't know, is a fantastic annual graphic arts exhibition full of lots of aspiring illustrators, designers and print makers. It's held at Somerset House, and as you wind your way through the rooms there is plenty to delight the eye. I always enjoy going simply because it is so inspiring! There is a lot of talent showcased at this event. It makes me want to get creating some beautiful illustrations myself. However I do often come away a bit morose because I've seen so many prints or books that I want to buy, and sadly cannot afford! Another fab thing about Pick Me Up is the participation. There are events going on each day, some free and some paid, but all fun and exciting and you usually get to meet the artists themselves.

On Monday when I went Seb Lester was doing calligraphy, and there was a monster making workshop courtesy of Felt Mistress and Creative Review. How fun does that sound?! It was free and hugely popular, but Jed and I managed to squeeze onto the table, joining adults that had all turned into 8 year-olds at the sight of felt and scissors - the lengthy sewing process soon lost it's charm on most though!

Another hugely entertaining exhibit was Face Stamp by Human After All, where you could create your own faces by using stamps designed by them. Such a simple thing, but mixing and matching the different facial parts was so much fun! We all got stuck right in.

 I grabbed my notebook and stamped out a few faces:

Jed made a face:

Hattie's faces:

Here are a few more photos of some of the prints I liked.

And lastly, I found a perfect book for me. Might have to treat myself to a graduation present...

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