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Monday, 25 March 2013


I may not be an excellent baker, but it is so easy to make something that tastes good, whether or not that's what it's supposed to taste like, I think everyone should give it a go. It is a very useful skill to have. For instance, last night I fancied some biscuits. I had chocolate to nibble on, plenty of fruit and other snacking amenities close by. As always however, what I wanted was not in my immediate grasp. A quick perusal of my Nan's trusty Be-Ro cook book revealed choc-chip cookies to be within my ingredients list. Except for the syrup ... that ran out on pancake day. Oh and of course that vital ingredient margarine (normal Flora light spreadable will do right? Don't gasp in horror too much Mum, it turned out fine). 

Another bonus, I would hopefully have crunchy tasty goodness in roughly 20 minutes. About the same time it would take to decide to go to the shop, brace myself for the wintry conditions by wrapping up in 6 layers, actually get to the shop and back, and decision time in said shop over which biscuits to buy. Baking is clearly the better option.

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