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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Chickens & Dogs

Here are a few of the latest drawings I've done as presents for family (making presents is much better than buying - cheaper too!).

First up is Maisie and Gertie, my brother's two chickens. Lovely and squawking, they very rarely sat calmly together like this!

The following two are my sister's dogs, Monty and Bruce. I took plenty of photos of these gorgeous boys last summer when I stayed over, so I had lots of poses to choose from. They love being the centre of attention.

Lastly, dear Sasha. She was also my sister's dog, but this I drew for my Mum as I had been promising to do so for a long time! This is her inquisitive look, watching us in the kitchen and forever hoping for something tasty to fall on the floor.

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