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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Plays, radios, and blogs

The Macbeth play I mentioned last time was very good, it was shown in the Rose theatre, not to be confused with the Globe theatre just round the corner from it. The rose is where the remains of the first theatre along southbank were found, and can still be seen inside the building. The stage is a very small triangular area, which is slightly surprising upon first entering, with two rows of seats on either side. Unfortunately the unusual shape of the room meant watching the acting was sometimes a bit like a tennis match! But it was still very much enjoyable, especially the weird sisters and their chanting.

On Monday I was fortunate enough to have tickets to see the recording of Barbershopera for BBC radio 4. Having seen Barbershopera 2 at the Trafalger theatre I was looking forward to seeing this despite the fact that it would actually be acted, because the writing had been so good for the second play, and I was definitely not disappointed. The talent they have is fantastic. It's being broadcast on radio 4 on the bank holiday in May, not entirely sure of the date but i'll probably re-post about it nearer the time.

Right, this post is bit of a mix up of things, but nevermind, onto a story about crisps. Walkers, to be precise. They have a campaign that every sandwich is more exciting with walkers, and to take it one step further, they have gone to the town of Sanwich, Kent. And dropped off a few celebrities.

Have a look at Jensen Button posing as a taxi driver. Bless him.

Lastly, have a look at the Boys and Girls blog, its well worth it: Click
And, just incase their name doesn't entice you, here is their table:

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